Smooth Sailing: How to Make Moving with Kids an Adventure, Not a Hassle

Moving to a new home is often an exciting adventure, but it can also be a challenging experience, especially when you have children. Kids thrive on routine and familiarity, so uprooting them from their familiar surroundings can lead to stress and anxiety. However, with some careful planning with professional movers in Nashville and thoughtful strategies, you can make the transition easier for your little ones and create positive memories during this significant life change. 

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How to Move with Kids 

Communicate Early and Honestly

Open and honest communication is one of the most critical aspects in making a move with children go more smoothly. Begin talking about the move as soon as possible. Explain the reasons for the relocation and, if feasible, involve your children in the decision-making process. Encourage children to ask questions, express their emotions, and be ready to provide soothing responses. 

Explore the New Area Together

Take some time before the move to explore the new neighborhood with your children. Visit neighborhood parks, schools, and other attractions. This will help your children become more acquainted with their new surroundings and feel more at ease with the transition. 

Maintain Routines as Much as Possible

While some habits may need to be altered while moving, aim to keep as much consistency as possible. Maintain consistent lunch and bedtime routines. During times of transition, familiarity can provide a sense of security. 

Pack Together

Include your children in the packing process. Allow them to assist in packing their stuff, providing them with a sense of control and ownership over the relocation. 

Create a “Moving Day” Kit

Make a unique moving day kit for each child. Include toys, snacks, and comfort items that they enjoy. Having these familiar items on hand might provide both comfort and distraction on moving day. 

Say Goodbye Properly

For youngsters, saying farewell to their previous home, friends, and school can be difficult. Organize a farewell party, take photos, and encourage your children to make a scrapbook or journal about their previous lives. This allows them to handle their emotions and gives them closure. 

Unpack Their Rooms First

Prioritize unpacking your children’s rooms first when you arrive at your new home. Having a familiar place to retreat to can aid in their adjustment. Allow them to decorate and arrange their new room with you to personalize it. 

Get Involved in the Community

Encourage your children to participate in their new community. Enroll them in local events, sports, or groups where they can make new friends with similar interests. Making new contacts can aid with the change. 

Be Patient and Understanding

Recognize that your children may experience sadness, frustration, or resistance during the relocation. Be patient and understanding. Assure them that their emotions are normal and that you are available to help them. 

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate your modest wins along the way. Recognize and reward your children for their resilience and flexibility, whether it’s successfully navigating their first day at a new school or establishing a new friend. 

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Hire Professional Movers in Nashville!

Moving with kids is undoubtedly a challenge, but it can also be a time of growth and bonding as a family. By involving your children in the process, maintaining routines, and providing emotional support, you can make the transition to your new home a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved. Call us today to get started with your move! 


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