Preserving History: Safeguarding Your Valuables During a Move

Moving is a momentous occasion in one’s life, often filled with excitement and anticipation. However, this excitement can quickly turn to anxiety when considering the safety of your valuable antiques and cherished possessions. In this article, we’ll delve into the art of safeguarding your priceless valuables and antiques during a move with our Denver moving companies, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your life. 

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How to Safeguard Your Valuables During a Move 

Professional Appraisal and Documentation  

The first crucial step is to have your valuables professionally appraised and thoroughly documented. These meticulous records serve as a crucial reference for insurance purposes and provide a detailed history of your items. 

Bespoke Packing Materials 

Ensure the safety of your treasured items by using the highest quality packing materials available. Opt for acid-free tissue paper, protective bubble wrap, and custom-sized boxes to safeguard your belongings from damage during transit. 

Custom Crating for Precious Pieces 

For exceptionally delicate or valuable items, consider custom crating. These wooden crates are tailor-made to fit your valuables perfectly, offering unparalleled protection. 

Climate Control Considerations 

Protect your antiques from the ravages of extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity. Whenever possible, store your valuables in a climate-controlled environment both before and after the move. 

Insurance Coverage Evaluation 

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine if it extends coverage to your valuables during a move. If not, exploring additional insurance options is advisable to provide a safety net for your treasured possessions. 

Trusted Professional Movers 

Seek the expertise of professional movers experienced in the delicate art of handling antiques. These professionals have the knowledge and tools to transport your fragile items safely. 

Security is Key 

To ensure the safety of your valuable possessions, conduct thorough research on the moving company’s reputation. Request references and scour reviews from previous clients to gain confidence in their abilities. 

Comprehensive Inventory List 

Develop a comprehensive inventory list, meticulously detailing every antique and valuable you are transporting. This record will be invaluable in tracking your items throughout the move. 

Careful Selection of Transportation 

Select the most appropriate mode of transportation depending on the nature and size of your collection. Valuable items may require secure moving trucks or even airfreight for utmost safety. 

Unpacking with the Same Level of Care 

When the time comes to unpack your treasures, exercise the same level of care as you did during packing. Avoid rushing through the process and ensure each item finds its designated spot in your new abode. 

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Get a Hassle-Free Move with the Top Denver Moving Companies! 

Your antiques and valuable items hold material worth and a deeper sentimental and historical significance in your life. Safeguarding them during a move is paramount to preserving their integrity and your personal connection to them. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this article and enlisting Pink Zebra Moving, with a track record in handling valuable items, you can rest assured your cherished possessions will continue to enrich your life in your new environment. Contact us ASAP


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These guys are very skilled at what they do! I sat and spoke with the foreman (I think moving crews have foremen?) at the CoolBox storage facility in Liberty Park. I watched them very quickly and efficiently load antique vending machines and the largest furniture I've ever seen. I was amazed.


Great experience from start to finish! Booking process was smooth and simple. Heath did a great job contacting us prior and even gave us a special surprise the night before. Guys were extremely nice and professional. Took care of items as if they were their own. Would absolutely recommend 10/10


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