Mistakes to Avoid When Downsizing Before a Move!

Even with the help of the best moving companies in Birmingham, packing up your entire life has its challenges. As you get into the basement and open the drawers, you may find out that, in the end, you simply have too many belongings to keep. 

Moving out is a great opportunity for downsizing things that you no longer use, but if done recklessly, you may risk letting go of valuable objects. Here are some mistakes to avoid when throwing or selling objects before a move

Avoid Selling Your Antiques With Moving Companies in Birmingham

What Is the Biggest Mistake People Make When Clearing Out a House in a Hurry?

Not Researching the Price of Objects

“The Price of History” is a popular TV show where people can take their old antiques to sell. No matter what chapter you see, you will learn a valuable lesson: if you don’t research the price of an object beforehand, you won’t get paid for what it’s really worth. 

This goes the other way, too. Asking too much for an object will make it stay on your shelves for months, affecting your moving timeline. Instead, make sure to search the price range for the objects you’re looking to sell. 

If you have many belongings, you simply can’t research every single item. So, focus on the important ones, like furniture or electronics, and make sure you get what they’re really worth. Afterward, many antique stores in Birmingham will love bargaining with you! 

Selling Fixtures and Fittings

Although often underestimated, luminaries are a fundamental aspect of a home. We all have a lovely chandelier or a weird-looking frog lamp table that we wouldn’t change for anything. And although some of them are easy to move, others, not so much. 

If you wish to sell the light fixtures you can’t move, or any kind of fittings for that matter, make sure to do so before any house showings, because anything attached to the home is expected to be included in the sale of the home. 

Instead, if you have an expensive chandelier or a sentimental lighting fixture, it should be swapped out first before visitors arrive. If not, it could become a dealbreaker, and it may cost you a buyer. 

Throwing Out Important Papers

Paper clutter and document management is a big problem for a lot of people. Old documents, study materials, journals, and even the shopping list—all kinds of paper waste tend to accumulate in the corners of our homes. 

However, when you’re moving too fast, you might accidentally throw away important financial or legal documents. Losing birth certificates, property papers, passports, and tax documents can be very troublesome, and, in some cases, nearly impossible to fix. 

Try and make a list of all the most important documents you have and should be looking out for. That way, you can make sure you don’t miss anything before throwing anything away. Additionally, keep them in a safe place, and label the box clearly, so no one throws it away in an accident. 

Save Your Important Documents With Moving Companies in Birmingham

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Downsizing can always help you start anew in your next home. However, there’s no need to start from zero. With those objects you do want to keep, and have alongside you for a long time, here at Pink Zebra Moving we can help you. 

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