Guide to Safeguarding Large Items Before a Move

Many people think their big objects are indestructible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take it from a well-known moving company in Charlotte: large and heavy items are just as fragile as smaller ones and require proper care to ensure a safe and sound arrival.

Safeguarding large items can guarantee that they and you stay safe in transit. If you’re not careful, improper packing techniques can strain your body and cause injury. So here are our five tips on how to protect large objects before a move.

Avoid Hurting Yourself and Hire a Moving Company in Charlotte

5 Tips to Safeguard Large Items for a Move

1. Disassemble When Possible

Beds, tables, cupboards, bookcases, dressers, and every piece of furniture should be disassembled to the bare minimum whenever possible.

Remove the drawers, doors, or panels to make the pieces lighter—especially if they’re made of glass. If you can’t remove them, use shrink wrap or tape to secure them, so they don’t open suddenly during the move.

2. Get Adequate Packing Material

When moving large items, sturdy boxes are an essential supply. Packing boxes used for carrying heavy items are a completely different brand than common ones—they are made of strong double-walled cardboard that can withstand the extra weight. 

Additionally, invest in quality packing tape. You’ll want something strong enough to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box and prevent it from breaking under its own weight. 

3. Protect Corners and Delicate Parts

For certain large items, providing an added layer of protection is never a bad idea.

For example, add extra bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard to the corners of a piece of furniture before wrapping the entire thing. Cover glass surfaces with cardboard, then wrap them in bubble wrap and place them in a box. You can also tape a large X onto the glass so that, in case it breaks, it won’t completely shatter.

4. Safeguard Items Inside the Box

Now, it’s time to pack. Wrap your furniture and all its detached parts in packing paper and bubble wrap. Thick blankets can also work as a great cushion to eliminate any risk of damage during transport.  

Do not let the packing tape come into direct contact with the surface of your furniture, though. Tape adhered to painted or polished surfaces is hard to remove when unpacking and can leave stains.   

5. Label Heavy or Fragile Items Properly

Adding clear and visible labels to your boxes can significantly impact how your belongings are handled throughout the moving process. Be sure to label all sides of a box and include specific instructions for fragile objects. 

If you can, add the weight of each item on the cardboard. This will help the moving company you hired plan how to handle each item better.

Properly Label Boxes for a Moving Company in Charlotte

Last But Not Least, Hire a Qualified Moving Company in Charlotte

Hiring qualified movers is one of the best choices you can make when moving large items. Our professionals are knowledgeable, well-equipped, and trained to handle the delicate necessities large items require. Relying on them will make you feel relieved—and it will save you from injuries caused by mishandling heavy objects.

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