Common Mistakes During Military Moves 

Moving is a significant part of military life, and while shifting homes is stressful for anyone, relocations have the added weight of bureaucracy, frequency, and a lot of planning ahead. Even with the help of veteran owned moving companies, PCS moves are always a daunting task.  

Sadly, military families can be relocated every two to three years, so this is a reality you’ll have to face. Still, here are some common mistakes in military moves and how to avoid them, so you can become an ace at relocating.  

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Top 5 Mistakes During Military Moves  

1. Failing to Plan Ahead  

The first step in any military move is planning. Without a plan, families can become overwhelmed, lose precious time, and make costly mistakes. This implies understanding your PCS orders, talking with the transportation office, and getting a rough estimate of the move’s cost.  

Someone who’ll help with that is your Military and Family Support Center. 

Contact them as soon as you are notified of your PCS and set up a meeting with a relocation assistance specialist. They will give you advice on how to budget like a pro, what types of moves are available to you, and a list of useful resources near your next duty station. 

2. No Applying to Advanced Travel Payment or Military Dislocation Allowance   

You can apply for a Advanced Travel Payment before your PPM to help with upfront expenses. However, make sure to do so with enough time, so it can be approved.  

Another benefit you can’t leave out is the Military Dislocation Allowance. A DLA will partially reimburse you for your household relocation expenses if it were required by a PCS, due to an evacuation, or ordered for the government’s convenience. Only one DLA is permitted per fiscal year. 

3. Overlooking Important Paperwork  

Losing things while moving is incredibly easy. Important papers like birth certificates, PCS orders, and other official documents should be safely stored and easily accessible. You may need to present it while requesting assistance and presenting paperwork. 

Moreover, make sure to keep both physical and digital copies of all necessary paperwork. That way, even if you lose it, you have proof of its existence, and the data it contained. 

4. Not Decluttering Before Packing  

Every large family will accumulate a lot of items over the years. Before packing, try to declutter and get rid of items that you no longer need. This will help reduce the cost of moving. After all, military families must be very mindful of their weight allowance and ensure they don’t exceed it. 

5. Noy to Notifying Important Contacts  

After changing homes, it’s important to notify all your essential contacts. This includes banks, utility providers, schools, and other institutions. If not, you could suffer from service disruptions. 

A good idea is to make a list of all the services providers you need to contact. That way, if you need to relocate in a few years, you’ve already mapped it out. 

Make Relocations Easy With Veteran Owned Moving Companies

Hire Veteran Owned Moving Companies 

PCS moves have their own batch of challenges: you need to present documents, ensure policy compliance, and stay under weight limits, all while fulfilling your duty and supporting your family’s needs. Relying on veteran owned moving companies, like Pink Zebra Moving, can make it a little bit less stressful. 

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