How to Protect Your Plants When Moving 

If you live in an apartment where you can’t have pets or simply love to make your home look like a jungle, your plants are probably very dear to you. Some plants take years to grow, allowing you to become attached to them. So, it makes sense to want to bring them along when you move.   

However, you’ll want them to reach your new home alive. Just like humans, plants “feel” the emotional effects that can come with moving, from the harsh conditions of transport trucks to transitioning into a new space. To help you ensure a stress-free move, here are some tips on taking care of your plants while relocating with professional movers in Columbus. 

Moving Plants With Professional Movers in Columbus

How to Move to a New Home with Plants 

1. Know Your State’s Laws 

Before moving, it’s important to know your state’s laws regarding plant transportation. While most permit it if the plants are in separate, clean soil, others, like California and Hawaii, have strict regulations, and ignoring them can result in hefty fines. 

To find out if there are any regulations in the state you are moving to, speak with the State Plant Regulatory Official (SPRO). They may need to inspect your plants to ensure they aren’t carrying any pests or forbid you from moving them entirely.  

This reduces the risk of plant diseases spreading, stops invasive species from taking over, and helps keep protected areas safe. 

2. Avoid Moving During the Summer 

If you have the flexibility, avoid moving your plants during the summer. High temperatures can turn moving vans into a harmful environment, dehydrate your plants, and make the transplanting process unsuccessful. 

If you must move during the hotter months, avoid leaving your plants in a hot car or truck for too long and water their roots regularly. 

3. Get Your Plants Ready  

It is easy to forget about your plants during the busy days of packing, moving, and unpacking. Here’s what you can do to lower the chances of damage and provide them access to hydration during the ride: 

  1. Remove the plant from the pot.   
  1. Prune the foliage and any withered roots.   
  1. After soaking a paper towel, wrap it around the roots and add a layer of plastic to keep the moisture trapped. Then, secure it with tape. 
  1. Place it in a box filled with lots of newspaper and bubble wrap. 
  1. Use plastic bags to cover the base of the box to prevent leaks. If the cardboard disintegrates due to moisture, your plant could fall out and smash. 
  1. Put some weight on the bottom of the box to keep it stable. 
  1. Foliage is especially vulnerable in cars and vans, so wrap it in newspaper if needed. The newspaper lets it breathe while offering protection. 

4. Separate Some Plants Individually 

Some plant species, like succulents and cacti, should be sorted individually and placed in a box with sturdy foam or packing paper. If packaged together, their spikes and rough texture can be dangerous to other plants and to each other. 

As soon as you get to your new home, open the lid and place them in the sun to recover. 

5. Label Each Plant to Keep Track of It 

After sorting them out, categorize every plant accordingly so you don’t lose track of which one is where. Don’t forget to warn handlers to be careful by labeling boxes with “Live Plant” and “This Side Up.” 

On moving day, leave the box lids open as long as possible. This will maximize light absorption before the plants are plunged into darkness for hours. 

Transplanting Plants After a Move With Professional Movers in Columbus

Find Qualified Movers in Columbus to Transport Your Plants 

Indoor plants improve your home’s air quality, cool your rooms, and transform a dull space into a cozy one. To make sure you brighten your new home with your beloved plants, reaching out to a professional mover like Pink Zebra may be key. 

If you want a professional’s help with moving your plants, find a location near you! 


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