Tips for Ensuring Your Plant’s Swift Recovery After a Move 

Moving to a new home has many positive aspects, like finding more space to start over or getting to know a new location. However, even with the best movers in Wilmington, NC, the process of getting there can be stressful. 

Plants feel the same. The shock of transportation and the stress of adapting to new climates can harm your houseplants, leave them susceptible to diseases, or even kill them. Here are some tips for a swift recovery to help them thrive and adjust to their new environment. 

After Moving With Movers in Wilmington, NC, Give Nutrients to Your Plants

How to Make Your Plants Recover from Moving  

1.  Open all Box Lids as Soon as You Can 

Plants need light and air to flourish, something the inside of a cardboard box isn’t well known for. Under a state of permanent darkness, they will start to shut down almost immediately, so it’s important to free them as soon as you reach your new home.  

You can worry about placing each one of their final placements later: First, open all the lids and let them breathe. Labeling the boxes correctly is crucial because of this.  

Use a mister to hydrate leafy plants to recover humidity and strength. 

2. Place Each Plant in Its Optimal Location 

Different plants prefer different locations—if you’re a hardcore plant owner, you probably already know that! Rainforest natives prefer less shade and as much water as they can get, while too much water can kill cacti. 

Before arranging your plants, research which ones like full sun exposure and which ones prefer the afternoon or morning sun. Then check which places in your new home can provide them with the optimal sunlight. 

This step may take time, so watch the light and warmth conditions in your home to ensure all the plants are in their ideal living spaces. 

3. Trim Flowers 

If your plants start to wilt days after the move, consider pruning their flowers so all their energy can go into recovery. Removing any damaged or browned foliage will fulfill the same purpose. 

Flowers will grow back later if your plant stays alive. 

4. Give Your Plants Extra Nutrients 

When you’re tired at work, you make yourself a coffee and feel revitalized. For plants, fertilizers are their go-to energy booster.  

When a houseplant is weak after a move, fertilizer filled with nutrients can give it the push it needs to recover. The most common fertilizers come in bags with an N-P-K label, which stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

  • Nitrogen is great for plants that have almost all leaves. It promotes robust, rapid growth and helps photosynthesis. 
  • Phosphorous fosters the growth and development of their roots. 
  • Potassium enhances the plant’s general health. It is an excellent nutrient to use both before and after a move because it increases the plant’s resistance to temperature fluctuations. 

5. Give Them Time  

Did you know fiddle-leaf fig plants shed their leaves to adapt to changing light conditions? This happens even if the transition is from the living room to the bedroom in the same home! So, you can imagine how stressful switching entire homes can be for a plant. 

This is not to say you should leave them behind. However, if you do not see signs of recovery right away, be patient. It can take weeks to months for plants to fully recover and adjust. 

Bring Houseplants to Your New Home Movers in Wilmington, NC

Learn About Caring for Your Plants From One of the Best Movers in Wilmington, NC 

Moving to a new location can be difficult after living your entire life in the same place. Just like humans in new job positions or relationships, plants need time to adapt and recover. However, if you’re taking care of them with dedication, chances are high they’ll be in top shape soon.  

If you haven’t moved yet and want to learn how to ensure a safe transition for your plants and belongings, give us a call


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