The Comprehensive Guide to Packing Kitchen Supplies for an Effortless Move! 

Kitchens must be one of the hardest rooms to pack. You have objects of all forms and sizes, fragile tableware, and dangerous items like knives. Unless you hire the best mover in Denver, sorting all of this can be hard—but not impossible.  

With the right approach, packing your kitchen supplies is a breeze. That’s why we created this guide, with advice from professional packing services, to help you get all your kitchen items to your new home seamlessly and in perfect condition. 

Mover in Denver Separating Plates for a Move

Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Kitchen Supplies 

1. Separate Your Kitchen Essentials 

When packing your kitchen, start by separating essential items for cooking daily. After all, you won’t be ordering takeout the entire week before and after your moving day.  

Separate a set of cutlery and tableware for each member of your household, dishtowels, cleaners, soap, and the cooking tools you use the most. Deciphering this won’t be too hard—we all have that one pan we love and use for basically everything.  

2. Buy Boxes of Different Sizes 

You’ll need a variety of boxes and essential moving supplies to move a typical family-sized kitchen, in different sizes and materials. 

  • Large boxes are great for packing light items such as plastic kitchenware, dish racks, and food containers. 
  • Use medium-sized boxes for heavier items like small appliances, pantry items, and pots and pans. 
  • Heavy-duty boxes have thick, double walls, making them ideal for packing fragile items like plates, stemware, and canisters. Moreover, consider purchasing cell dividers for boxes to sort glasses, liquor bottles, and vases safely. 

3. Sort Out and Downsize 

Kitchens typically don’t have many things to give away or donate since most supplies are useful. Giving out things you may need in your new home is a common mistake when downsizing. However, some things can be given away, like food cans. These are heavy, increasing your moving costs, and not so expensive to replace. 

You must also give away other things, like frying sprays. Movers can’t transport aerosol cans or household cleaners as they are hazardous materials. Cleaning agents, for example, can leak in the moving van, causing fires or releasing toxic fumes. 

4. Pack the Drawers and Shelves 

When it’s time to pack the drawers, start with the one filled with things you don’t really use. Get rid of these extra items that aren’t providing any value and only clutter your drawer. After all, they only make it harder to reach the things you do need. 

The best way to pack knives is with a blade guard or protective wrapping. Then, label them in a sturdy, thick box as “Fragile.” This is crucial to ensure the safety of anyone handling the package and to protect your knives from the trip. 

5. Pack Dishes 

Now, it’s time to pack your fragile items. Separate glasses, stemware, plates, and bowls and wrap them in protective material, such as wrapping paper. Then, place them in sturdy boxes. 

Once you’ve finished with that, you can pack your pots and pans.  

6. Pack the Pantry 

After sorting out the pantry, start packing it. Begin with small items like spices, and then work your way to the larger items. If your items are open, tape them, and get rid of perishables. 

Man Filling His Cabinet After Hiring a Mover in Denver

Hire a Professional Mover in Denver to Properly Pack Your Kitchen 

As you can see, with the right approach, packing your entire kitchen can be easier than it seems. By dividing each section of your kitchen into parts, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by the number of items you have. And if you still need some help, we have the knowledge and experience you’re looking for here at Pink Zebra Moving. 

Find a location near you and give us a call! 


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