We’ve created a unique & remarkable experience for you.

So remarkable that you’ll be more excited after the move than even before it. So what’s our secret?

Just three simple words do the trick for us: Pay Enhancement Plan. It’s a true motivational strategy that is designed to create owners out of each of our employees. This leads to an unmatched customer service experience for our clients.

Our plan works, and we know it works because we’ve used this exact strategy for the past 20 years inside the residential cleaning industry. This unique compensation plan allowed us to scale a one-store cleaning business into a $40M nationally-recognized brand with 90 locations across the country.

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Pay Enhancement Plan

After we complete the move, we’re going to ask you to rate your level of satisfaction on a scale from 1-5. That number — and that number by itself — will directly determine the exact wage that we pay our team of movers. The happier we make you, the more money our employees make with us.

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Remarkable Customer Experience

We create wow moments. Remarkable experiences that go beyond the typical move. We’re not going to spoil the fun here, but trust us — we’re going to surprise you throughout the entire moving process.

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It’s time to disrupt the moving industry!

You’ll experience three different phases while working with most moving companies. The phase you’re in right now is the fun one.

Everything sounds good and everyone wants to pick your stuff up and move it. Life starts to get a little more complicated on move day, however. Stuff gets broken, the move takes way longer than expected and you find yourself wondering if the guys will ever get the job done.

That’s when you move into the third phase. The one that no one believes is possible, but almost everyone undergoes unfortunately. The regret phase. You start to ask yourself questions like, “Why did I hire these guys?” or “Why didn’t I push them to speed up during the move?” All sorts of regret over hiring the moving company, and yet you still have to pay an enormous bill. This is the reason we started Pink Zebra Moving, because happiness is the only emotion you should feel after hiring a moving company.

This is the reason we started Pink Zebra Moving, because happiness is the only emotion you should feel after hiring a moving company.


What Our Clients Say

Pink Zebra Moving did an excellent job moving me into my new home! They were willing to accommodate my request to move on a holiday, immediately following my closing. They were incredibly time efficient without sacrificing careful handling of my belongings. I highly recommend this moving company.


All the guys were excellent to work with.They were respectful, strong, and went the extra mile for my difficult move into a 4 level historic home…with winding staircases…in the rain…Thorough and truly seemed to care. Great team!


This is the best, most professional moving company I’ve ever used! Great experience from start the finish!


We love Pink Zebra Movers! They were thoughtful, friendly and professional. They showed they cared about our furniture. As a Realtor, I have heard plenty of horror stories. Pink Zebra made the whole process very stress-free. I will only recommend them to my clients from now on.


Great experience from start to finish! Booking process was smooth and simple. Heath did a great job contacting us prior and even gave us a special surprise the night before. Guys were extremely nice and professional. Took care of items as if they were their own. Would absolutely recommend 10/10